The Star of the North Concert Band is a non-profit, charitable organization of over fifty musicians from the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities in Minnesota. The group was organized in 1994 to contribute to Minnesota’s musical tradition by providing an opportunity for local accomplished musicians to share their talents, develop their abilities, and make contacts with other performing musicians (locally, nationally, and internationally) via rehearsals, concerts, and tours.

Repertoire Test

The band performs a wide variety of music, including symphonic band arrangements, marches, classical works, dixieland, big band, musical theatre, original compositions, and instrumental with vocal solos.

All of our concerts feature music that is interesting to listen to as well as offering a challenge to the performers. Occasionally, concerts will have a theme such as featuring a particular musical style or nationality.

Sometimes a piece is played in more than one concert so dates are general time periods of its last performance. The year following the title can be approximately when the piece was written, a first performance, or the initial copyright. A second date after the title (in italics) generally refers to the copyright of the arranged version.