Seeking Conductor

The Star of the North Concert Band is seeking a new conductor starting September 2021.
Applicants should send their letter of interest and summary of conducting experience by May
15, 2021, to band president Jane Hogan: The current conductor,
Wayne Feller, is retiring after 25 years. He conducted Star of the North concerts in
England/Wales, Greece, Norway/Iceland, Thailand, Germany/Austria/Italy, Ireland,
Croatia/Hungary, Spain/Portugal, Argentina/Uruguay, Alaska, and South Africa.

The Star of the North was formed in 1994 and consists of about 50 members. Rehearsals are
on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm in the Fridley area. Band members come from the greater
metropolitan area and farther beyond. The band goes on music trips every 2-3 years. Six to
eight performances are given in a calendar year that spans from September to July. An
honorarium is given to the conductor each year, and the conductor’s expenses are covered by
the band for all tours. Tours are managed by band members, not the conductor.

Historically, the band has given full musical authority to the conductor. A board of directors and
other band members handle operations, travel matters, and finances. The conductor and
section leaders collaborate on auditions and personnel matters.
The Star of the North has performed a wide variety of literature (standards, popular, ethnic, new
music, etc.) since its founding. This literature is listed on the Star of the North website. The
repertoire expands each year through existing libraries and new music purchases. The band
maintains a library of music and collaborates with other bands in sharing music.

The Star of the North is seeking candidates who share the band’s interest in diverse and
challenging music. An ideal candidate would have strong conducting skills, a relaxed
temperament, and an interest in travel. Following a formal interview, final candidates will be
invited to a conducting rehearsal in June.